Taiwan 7 year old Boy Thrown 27 Times in Judo Class Dies Judo Teacher Killed Boy | In Taiwan, a judo trainer threw a new 7-year-old student on the ground 27 times from his disciples, died after being in a coma for 2 months

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The uncle of Huang, a judo student who lost his life, was present at the time of the incident, but he could not stop the coach. The family claims that the child was hit on the ground about 27 times. -file photo

A judo coach killed a 7-year-old freshman in Taiwan. The matter was such that the student had called the trainer an idiot. After this the coach made the new student fight with all his students. During this, he was also thrown on the ground 27 times. Due to this the student fainted while vomiting, then he was admitted to the hospital. He died here after being in a coma for 2 months.

The student’s name is being told as Huang. He was admitted to a hospital in Central Taichung on 21 April. According to the hospital administration, Huang Bran was in a coma for about 70 days with hemorrhage. Most of his body parts had also stopped working. The parents decided to take Huang off life support. During this he died.

The coach did not have a license. The 60-year-old coach is known by his surname ‘Ho’. He recently got bail from the court with $ 3583 (about Rs 2.66 lakh). If the coach is found guilty, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment from 7 years. After the matter arose, it was found that the coach did not even have a license.

Despite the headache and vomiting, the coach showed no mercy. According to local media, Huang’s uncle took him to the trainer on April 21. 7-year-old Huang had come to learn judo for the first time, he had no idea about it. During this, the innocent called the coach a big idiot. The coach then made Huang fight with his other senior students, even though he innocently didn’t know anything basic.

The coach then told his disciples to pick up Huang and thrash him. During this, the trainer used to ask Huang to stand up again and again after falling. After being hit about 12-15 times, Huang complained of a headache, but the coach ignored it. After this the innocent started vomiting and he became unconscious.

In front of Uncle, the coach did not feel pity even after repeatedly slamming the student on the ground and he kept asking him to slap him continuously. Huang’s family has claimed to have hit the ground about 27 times. However, no such claim was made in the report. Huang’s uncle was there throughout the incident, but he could not stop the coach.

Said goodbye to mother for the last time Huang’s mother said that I still remember when I came to drop her off for school in the morning. Then on his way to school he once turned back and said ‘goodbye to momma’ to me. After this, in the night he had come out like this (unconscious).

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