TAFE’s revolutionary Dynatrack Series – the best tractors for agriculture and haulage | TAFE’s revolutionary Dynatrack Series – the best tractors for agriculture and transportation


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world’s third largest tractor company and Massey Ferguson tractors manufacturer, TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd.) launched its new Dynatrack series. Dynatrack is an advanced range of tractors that offers versatile performance, sophisticated technology, unmatched utility and multifunctionality – all in one powerful tractor. TAFE’s over 60 years of proven engineering expertise, deep understanding and knowledge of Indian agriculture have helped us create a premium range of tractors for both agriculture and transportation that never compromise on quality.

new dynatrack The series is designed to deliver increased productivity, while ensuring good mileage, strength and comfort. DynaTrac’s Dynalift® hydraulics system delivers superior lift capacity, productivity and speed that will always stand with you and these qualities make this tractor one of the top in its segment.

The world’s first tractor with VersaTech™ technology – dynatrack, offers an extendable wheelbase, making it suitable for agricultural, haulage and commercial operations throughout the year. It has been provided with maximum ground clearance, allowing it to traverse puddles and bunds with ease, making it the best-in-class tractor for all-terrain operation. Its long wheelbase and stylish heavy-duty front bumper enhance the overall look of the tractor and provide greater stability, and easier handling of heavy-duty equipment like loaders and dozers.

It is powered by the “Largest All Rounder Tractor” certified Simpson Engine, which is considered the benchmark of excellence in terms of powerful and fuel-efficient engines. With the DynaTrans™ transmission, it has a dual diaphragm clutch with Super-Shuttle™ technology and a 24-speed Comfimesh® gearbox that provides operator comfort, improved efficiency and the freedom to choose the right speed for each use while on the job is.

The premium and highly popular 4-in-1 Quadra PTO™ of the Dynatrack series makes the tractor maximal, versatile and more efficient all year round for all static and dynamic applications.

Launching the Dynatrack series, Mallika Srinivasan, CMD. – tafe Said, “TAFE’s Dynatrack series sets new benchmarks in the tractor industry by delivering utility and versatility, comfort and safety, productivity and efficiency. This tractor is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern day farmers and rural entrepreneurs. Fulfilling aspirations, empowering them with better technology and benefits, which enrich their lives and livelihoods.”

dynatrack With the launch of the series, TAFE redefines its class parameters and showcases the strength of Indian engineering at its best.

About TAFE:

TAFE, by numbers, is the world’s third largest tractor manufacturer and India’s second largest tractor manufacturer with annual sales of over 1,80,000 tractors. TAFE is one of the leading exporters of tractors in India with a turnover of more than Rs.10,000 crores. TAFE manufactures both air-cooled and water-cooled tractors, and they are sold under its four iconic brands – Massey Ferguson, TAFE, Eicher and the recently acquired Serbian tractor and farm equipment brand – Industrija Masina-e-Tracotra. (IMT) sells them. Acclaimed for its quality and dependability, TAFE’s products and services are present in more than 100 countries worldwide, including developed countries in Europe and the Americas.

Apart from Tractors and Farm Machinery, TAFE manufactures Diesel Engines, Silent Gensets, Agro Engines, Batteries, Hydraulic Pumps and Cylinders, Gears and Transmission Components and has business interests in Vehicle Franchisees and Plantations. TAFE is committed to the Total Quality Movement (TQM). In recent times, TAFE’s various manufacturing plants have received several ‘TPMs’ from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM). Excellence Awards’, and in addition, T.P.A.M. Has also received several other regional awards for excellence. TAFE became the first Indian tractor manufacturer to win the Frost & Sullivan Global Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2018, having been honored with the ‘Enterprise Integration and Technology Leadership Award’ and two ‘Supply Chain Leadership Awards’. In recognition of its outstanding contribution to engineering exports, TAFE has been nominated for the ‘Star Performer – Large Enterprise (Agriculture Tractors)’ for the 21st consecutive time at the 40th Engineering Exports Promotion Council – Southern Region Awards (2015-16) of India. TAFE has been awarded the ‘Regional Contributor Award’ for Quality Supply from Toyota Motor Company, Japan, and the ‘Manufacturing Supply Chain Operational Excellence – Automobile Award’ at the 2nd Asia Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit in 2013 for its Supply Chain Transformation. TAFE tractor plants are certified under ISO:9001 for efficient quality management systems and ISO:14001 for environment friendly operation.

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