Swati Mohan who played an important role in Nasas mission her bindi was praised by people


People who were instrumental in Swati Mohan’s role in Nasa’s mission

The Perseverance rover of the US space agency NASA successfully reached Mars on Thursday night. NASA tweeted and said that the Perseverance Rover has successfully landed on the surface of Mars. This news made headlines all over the world. But with this, the news has become a reason for people’s interest. On which people are responding rapidly.

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Indian-American scientist Swati Mohan played an important role in this NASA mission. He announced a “touchdown confirmed” on the surface of Mars of Perseverance Rover in NASA’s control room. Swati Mohan has dominated social media and people are specifically discussing her bindi. People have become fans of her dot. Seeing the dot on Swati’s forehead, people said that she looks very beautiful. Seeing the dot of his forehead, many people have praised him fiercely.


Let me tell you that while the whole world was eagerly awaiting the landing of American Rover, Swati Mohan was communicating with GN&C system and project team in a calm manner in the control room. Perseverance Rover touched the surface of Mars on Thursday afternoon. Now this rover will embark on its mission of searching for signs of life in ancient microbial times there.


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