Swara Bhasker Tweet On Rahul Gandhi Takes Jibes Over Foreign Made Covid-19 Vaccine


Swara Bhasker

New Delhi:

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi slammed the government on Wednesday, citing a statement by Mahatma Gandhi about the readiness to approve the use of foreign-made anti-vaccine Corona vaccine in India. Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker has given a reaction through this tweet on this tweet of Rahul Gandhi. Swara Bhasker has created a smiley emoji by sharing Rahul Gandhi’s tweet.

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Rahul Gandhi tweeted, quoting a famous statement by Mahatma Gandhi: “First they will ignore you, then laugh at you, then they will fight you, then you will win. The hashtag vaccine.” Swara Bhasker shared this tweet of Rahul Gandhi. He did not comment on this, but has definitely created a smiling emoji. Twitter users are reacting fiercely to this tweet by Swara NewsBust India.

Please tell that few days ago Rahul Gandhi had urged the government to allow the use of vaccines manufactured abroad in India. After this, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad accused him of lobbying for foreign companies. Significantly, in order to increase the availability of vaccines and speed up vaccination in the country, the central government has accelerated the process of approving authorized, foreign-made Kovid-19 vaccines for emergency use in other countries. The Union Health Ministry gave this information on Tuesday.


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