Sushant Singh Rajput's exclusive 9 pages notes from Pavana farmhouse revealed | Actor wrote notes in Pavana Form House; Wanted to give up cigarettes in 2018, austerity, Kailash and third eye also mentioned


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  • The diary was also found from the flat, in which 15 pages mention Kedarnath and future plans
  • In the notes written at Pavana Formhouse, Sushant wrote the lines of Kabir-Momin, wrote about Vedic mantras and Sanskrit.

Some notes have come out for Sushant Singh Rajput. The notes suggest that these were written at Pavana Farm House in 2018. In this, Sushant has mentioned his routine and future plans. These shows that Sushant wanted to quit cigarettes in 2018. He had a plan to go to Kailash. Yoga, penance and the third eye were also mentioned in the notes.

India Today has 9 pages of these notes. According to the report, what was written in these notes shows that they were going close to some astrology. In the notes, Sushant has written to read the script of Kedarnath on 28 April 2018. Also written 16 points of his daily routine. Sushant wrote that he wakes up at two and a half. Superman drinks tea and takes a cold shower.

Kriti is mentioned, Riya is nowhere

In the same note, Sushant has also written about spending time with Kriti. There were also reports of Rabta being in relationship. Sushant wrote that he wants to go on a tour with his sister Priyanka and brother-in-law Mahesh. There is no mention of Riya Chakraborty anywhere in this note. Let us know that Riya and Sushant met in 2019.

Tangled handwriting in notes

Sushant wrote – there is no right answer. There are some better questions. How to solve the problem. Why is happiness only There are a lot of things written in the notes, which are not clear. Some words like – experience, analysis, pleasure, courage, talent and purity are also written. After this, a page is written in Hindi – Those who have the courage and courage to tell a lot with small antics, they will create tomorrow.

Mention of third eye and pineal gland

The most important thing in these pages is the Kailash Yatra. One page has written about the stops of that journey – Yoga, penance, Somaras and then Kailash. Below this, he has also written about the third eye and the pineal gland (a gland of the brain). Tennis was fixed in one page for archery. He had to maintain a schedule to complete all these works in 4 hours.

Wrote the lines of Momin and Kabir

Sushant wrote in a note – When I was, then not Hari, now Hari is I am Nahi. This is Kabir's couplet. Apart from this, the line of Momin is written – You are with me, Goya, when there is no one else. Apart from these, NITI Aayog's policy, INSAE, NASA and Sushant for Education are mentioned in the notes. Insaai is the company formed by Sushant in 2018 along with Varun Mathur.



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