Surat builder accommodates 42 families who are facing financial crisis due to Covid 19 – Surat builder doing noble work, flats given to 42 families without rent


Surat builder doing noble work, flats given to 42 families without rent


Due to Corona epidemic (Covid 19 Pandemic), people are struggling with financial crisis. If no one has money to raise bread for two times, then no one is able to pay the rent of the house. In such a situation, a builder from Surat, showing generosity, extended his hand to help some people struggling with financial constraints. Builder Prakash Bhalani has given flats for 42 families to live without rent in his new building. The builder says that all these people will not be charged rent, only they will have to pay a fee of Rs 1500 for the maintenance of the flat. All these people can stay here as long as they want.

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Let us tell you that a project named Rudraksh lake palace is ready in Umra of Olapad in Surat. There is no buyer for them in the Corona era. In such a situation, the builder has generously given a flat for free to the people troubled by the Corona crisis. The builder said that there are 92 flats in our Rudraksh Lake Palace Society, out of which 42 flats we have given people a house to live for free. These are the people who shifted to Surat with the hope of employment, but in the first lockdown and unlock, companies have cut their salary and some have been fired.


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