Supreme Court verdict on farmers movement yesterday, government filed affidavit – Supreme Court verdict on farmers movement yesterday, government filed affidavit


Supreme court.

new Delhi:

The Supreme Court will decide on the farmers’ movement. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear the petitions filed regarding the farmer movement. The court will issue the order after hearing all the parties. The Center has filed a preliminary affidavit in the Supreme Court following the stern stance of the Supreme Court in the Kisan agitation case. The Center has said that the “misconception” of the protesters needs to be dispelled.

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The Ministry of Agriculture told the apex court that the protesters had given the wrong impression that the Central Government and Parliament had never investigated the consultation process or issues by any committee. The affidavit states that the laws are not made in haste but are the result of two decades of deliberations. Farmers of the country are happy because they have been given an additional option over existing and above, so no vested rights have been taken away.


The affidavit further states that “The Central Government has tried its best to connect with the farmers to remove any misconceptions with the farmers and has not missed any effort.”

On 26 January, the Central Government has filed an application in the Supreme Court to ban farmers taking out a tractor rally. In the application filed in the Supreme Court, the Central Government has said that on January 26, the Supreme Court should issue an order to stop the farmers taking out a tractor rally. The Supreme Court can hear the application of the Center tomorrow.


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