Supreme court reserved dicision on UP government plea on mukhtar ansari case transfer


Mukhtar Ansari is currently in jail in Ropar district of Punjab (File photo)

New Delhi:

Supreme Court (Suprema Court) The court has reserved the decision on the application of the UP government transferring UP’s Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari from UP’s Ropar district to UP. The court will decide in its decision whether to transfer Mukhtar from Ropar district of Punjab to UP or not. Mukhtar Ansari said on transfer in UP that his life is in danger in Uttar Pradesh. Advocate Dave, appearing for the Punjab government, said that PGI Chandigarh, which comes under the central government, has given reports about Mukhtar’s ill health several times. Substantial evidence exists. He is an accused for Punjab and nothing else, while the allegations made by SG Tushar Mehta are completely wrong. The FIR filed by the state government is correct. Mukhtar is nothing more than a criminal for the Punjab government.

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The Punjab government lawyer said that the things that the UP government has said about Mukhtar Ansari are baseless. Mukhtar Ansari is also a criminal to the Punjab government, but the UP government is putting the Punjab government in the dock in this case. The demand of UP is against the constitutional provisions. If it is accepted, then there will be a flood of such cases in the future. In such a case, the court dismisses the petition of UP. The demand of Mukhtar Ansari on the basis of which the UP government is filing an application in the Supreme Court, that demand violates the principles of the judiciary. Advocate Mukul Rohatgi said on behalf of Mukhtar that the fundamental right belongs to the citizen and not to the state. The lawsuit going on in UP Punjab cannot even demand to be transferred to itself. The case in Punjab is a matter between the Punjab government and me. UP cannot have any role in it. The UP government’s assertion that the Punjab government is not doing anything in the matter registered is completely baseless. Ansari has been acquitted in three cases. If he goes to UP then his life is in danger. If the court wants, then transfer the case to Delhi or Punjab. I (Mukhtar) am ready to appear in every case through video conferencing, I am ready to be present in every case. For what purpose does the Government of Uttar Pradesh want to bring me out of Punjab Jail? For some perceived reasons? The court did not give any such order regarding the transfer.

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The lawyer said, ‘UP government’s petition is inspired by politics. Due to my political power and opposition from my party, such a petition has been filed. The court should not fall into such political tussle. I do not mind transferring the case to Delhi. Mukhtar is not safe in UP, he has been attacked. Krishnanand Rai was acquitted in the murder case, but in the same case, co-accused Munna Bajrangi was killed. No legal provision is in favor of UP. That’s why they are asking the Supreme Court to exercise special power. In all the cases, Mukhtar Ansari is appearing in the court through video conferencing and no complaint has been made about this. In UP Uttar Pradesh my (Mukhtar’s) life is in danger, I am a 5-time MLA, so have filed a transfer petition for the second time. My house was demolished, my children were arrested, fake cases were filed.

Advocate Tushar Mehta, on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government, said, ‘I agree that the state does not have the fundamental rights but the state represents the citizens and the victims and helps in justice on their behalf. The state can help the victims to get justice, that criterion needs to be implemented. Solicitor General Tushar said that Mukhtar’s lawyers are saying to do a trial with video conferencing, so there is no need to bring Vijay Mallya to India, it is possible to be produced through video conferencing.

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