Supreme Court postponed hearing on Mukhtar Ansaris wife petition, Seeks Protection for Husband


Pleading with the court to ensure the safety of Mukhtar Ansari (file photo)

New Delhi:

The hearing on the petition for protection of Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari has been postponed. The Supreme Court has deferred hearing on the request of the UP government. On behalf of the government told that the government lawyers have changed and the vakalatnama has not been filed. Therefore, the hearing for two weeks should be postponed. A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan and R Subhash Reddy heard. The petition has sought protection of the life of Mukhtar Ansari.

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In fact, Bahubali leader Mukhtar Ansari’s wife reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday. He has requested the court to ensure the safety of Mukhtar Ansari. He has filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding this. In the petition, Mukhtar’s wife Afsha Ansari has demanded the order to provide protection to husband Mukhtar Ansari during the transfer of Banda Jail in Uttar Pradesh and on other occasions including appearance in court.

The petition says that Ansari’s life is in danger. Citing imminent danger to his life (being successfully contested against BJP and witnessing cases against BJP members in UP), Ansari’s wife has prayed that the concerned authorities be directed to ensure It should be done that they get a chance to have a fair trial and they should not be confronted during this process.

The petition details various attempts to eliminate Ansari and exposes various dangers. It has been further told that Mafia don Brijesh Singh, who is a part of the government in UP and is very influential, is plotting to kill him (Mukhtar Ansari) with the help and support of the state.

The petition cited previous conduct of Uttar Pradesh police and gave examples of encounters by UP police. The petition urges that her husband should not ‘be with this, so that his Vikas Singh encounter does not happen.’ Please tell that the Supreme Court had ordered Mukhtar Ansari to transfer Banda Jail from Punjab to UP in the last few days. On the court’s order, Punjab Police has handed over Mukhtar Ansari to UP Police.

For about two years, Mukhtar was taken from Punjab to UP by Punjab Police for demanding extortion money, since then Mukhtar is in Punjab jail in the name of deteriorating health. There has been a conflict between the UP and Punjab governments in this matter for a long time. Meanwhile, the UP government tried to bring Mukhtar Ansari from Punjab 13 times but did not succeed.


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