Supreme Court Directs Rajasthan Private Schools to give 15% deduction in Annual School Fees – SC directs 15% reduction in annual fees to Rajasthan’s unaided private schools


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  • Said, in no case should the test results be held back
  • Fees to be deposited in six installments before 5 August 2021
  • Thousands of schools in Rajasthan will be affected by this decision

New Delhi:

In the case of fees of private unaided schools in Rajasthan, the Supreme Court has allowed private unaided schools to deposit the annual fees prescribed under state law. The SC said that schools should cut 15% fees for the facilities unused by the students for the academic year 2020-21. Schools can give more concession to the students. Fees will be paid in six equal monthly installments before 5 August 2021. The court said that the school management will not prevent students from attending online or physical classes due to non-payment of fees. In the event of non-payment of school fees, the results of the examination will not be stopped.

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The decisions of Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice Dinesh Maheshwari will affect about 36,000 private unaided schools and 220 minority private unaided schools in Rajasthan. The apex court stated that the school management will not deduct the name of any student / candidate for the upcoming board examinations for classes X and XII on the basis of non-payment of fees / dues for the academic year 202021. In fact, the private school management approached the apex court in the case of school fees for the academic year 2020-21, along with the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, due to lack of syllabus by the concerned boards due to epidemic (lockdown) from March 2020 in the Central Secondary. Government orders restricting the collection of school fees including limited to 70 percent tuition fees and 60 percent fees from schools were challenged by schools affiliated to the Board of Education. The High Court upheld the government’s order.

In view of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Rajasthan government had banned primary and secondary accredited private schools from taking school fees for 3 months. After this, the above transfusion of collection of fees was extended till the opening in schools with the condition that the name of any student will not be deducted even if the school fees are not paid. These orders of the state government were challenged by filing petitions before the Rajasthan High Court. A single bench of the High Court disposed of the petition with instructions from the management of the schools to allow the students to continue their studies online. Allow students to deposit 70% of the total tuition fees. 70% of the tuition fee should be allowed to be deposited in three installments from March 2020 and students not being allowed to attend the online classes if they do not pay the said fee will not be expelled from school.


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