Supreme court agrees to look into shutting down of 14 lakh aanganwadi centers amid coronavirus lockdown – SC will send probe to close 14 lakh Anganwadi centers, SC sends notice to Center and states

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The condition of Anganwadi centers worsened in lockdown, SC improved. (Symbolic picture)

new Delhi:

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to investigate the issues of closing 1.4 million Aanganwadi centers across the country during the lockdown (Coronavirus Lockdown). In fact, it has been claimed in a PIL that due to this, other problems including starvation of children have arisen, after which the apex court has issued a notice to all the states including the Center.

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This petition has been filed on behalf of Deepika Jagataram Sahni of Maharashtra. The petitioner's counsel Colin Gonsalves told the court that nutrition, education and health services are provided to Anganwadis and about 14 lakh Anganwadis have been closed. It has affected breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women who are also beneficiaries. The petitioners want the Anganwadis to be reopened. In this regard, the court has given notice to the Center and the states, agreeing to investigate these issues.

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Please tell that due to the lockdown, the condition of Anganwadi centers across the country has become absolutely bad. The system of nutritional food has come to a standstill. These centers were closed in lockdown, but no steps have been taken to maintain their arrangements, nor have further corrections been taken.

The health of Anganwadi centers and Asha workers is even worse. They have to fight for hard work even after hard work. But he has worked fiercely in the pandemic but still there is no change in his position. In July, Asha workers protested in many places across the country and refused to work under Kovid-19.

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