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Sundarban Honey: A Potion Concocted Miles Away From the Suffocating Chemicals of the City

By Shivang - December 6, 2021

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Honey is a natural sweetener that naturally contains amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and serves as an immune booster. However, Honey is extensively tainted on the market. It is difficult to obtain pure honey from a trusted source these days.

Since forest honey is devoid of pesticides and heavy metals, there has been an increase in demand in recent years for honey produced from forests. The demand for Sundarban honey has increased as a result of such demands. Sundarban honey is made from pollen from a variety of blooming plants found in the Sundarbans.

What Are The Nutritional Qualities Of Sundarban Honey?

Sundarban Honey is in high demand due to its nutritious properties. Reportedly, Sundarban honey has more than 500 active components and these components contribute to anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-browning, anti-allergic, anti-parasitory, anti-ulcer, anti-tumor, and anti-viral activities in bodies.

Sundarban honey also contains minor levels of vitamins such as phylloquinone, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folic acid, ascorbic acid, and -tocopherol. 

Sunderban honey, when ingested in the proportions advised by your doctor, can help you burn fat. Regular use of Sundarban honey with ajwain or sitopaladi, or any other immune-boosting supplement, aids in the development of immunity, which is critical in these exceptional times like Covid19.

How Sundarban Honey Tastes Like?

The honey obtained from the Sundarban has a peculiar woody flavor.

How Does Sundarban Honey Look?

Consistency: The honey has a thin and liquid-like viscosity. Sundarban honey’s consistency is due to the wet and humid atmosphere of the Sundarbans.

Color: Sundarban honey is golden in color with a white foam layer on top. The formation of white foam on the honey is a positive indicator that it is raw, untreated, and unheated honey.

How Sundarban Honey Is Collected?

When the sky is clear and the river is at low tide, a team of 5 to 10 honey collectors enters the Sundarbans marshes. While one member of the crew stays behind to row the boat along the bank, the other members of the team search the sundarbans marshes for hives of the giant honeybee, Apis Dorsata. After successfully identifying the hives, the crew crafts torches out of green hetal leaves and other materials, which they use to smoke the bees out of the hives.

Smoking irritates the majority of honeybees thus they fly away from the hives, leaving their hives unprotected, and then the team of honey collectors gathers the wax and honey from the hives without destroying it since it needs to rebuild. When enough honey has been collected, it is placed in the boat.

Sundarban honey

What Is WBFDCL And How It Is Helping Sundarban Honey Collectors?

The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) is a state-owned corporation that promotes and benefits eco-tourism, wood-based enterprises, NTFP management, and economically beneficial species plantings.

To assist the impoverished traditional honey collectors of Sundarban, the WBFDCL buys the collected Sundarban honey from these honey collectors at a price greater than the market price for Sundarban honey. 

What WBFDCL Does With The Collected Honey?

WBFDCL buys honey from traditional honey collectors, which is then processed and bottled at the processing factory before being marketed under the MOUBAN brand. In addition to marketing in this way, the raw Sundarban honey gathered from the Sundarbans is also sold in bulk to private businesses like Honeybazzar.

The Sundarban honey sold under the brand name Mouban is made available in three sizes: 100 mL, 250 mL, and 500 mL. These variants can be brought via the storefronts and ecotourism facilities of WBFDCL. 

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