Sugar level of more than 2000 patients recovered from Corona increased from 300 to 400 | Sugar level of more than 2000 patients recovered from Corona increased from 300 to 400


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Combination of remadecevir and steroids increases the sugar level of the body and later patients are facing diseases that may need to be treated throughout their life.

Remedesivir injection, which is believed to be a panacea treatment of corona, is spoiling the health of the people. After taking the dose of Remedesivir, patients are facing such serious diseases, which may have to be treated throughout their life. Combination of remadecivir and steroids increases the sugar level of the body. Sugar of diabetes patients reaches 400. After the corona is cured, the body hormones begin to change and the patient has many problems.

Due to the side effects of Remedicivir, the patients are circling the doctors. Yet doctors are prescribing Remedacivir injection to Corona patients and people are forced to buy it in black. According to doctors, after recovery from corona, patients have the problem of post covid complications.

Remedesivir has had side effects in 2000 patients in the city. These are patients who recovered more than 14 days and were on oxygen bipedes and ventilators. These patients are having problems like fatigue, nervousness, breathing problem, joint pain, insomnia, agility, weakness, loss of appetite, muscle strain.

Get these checked regularly

  • CBC, lipid propyl
  • Blood pressure, sugar, oxygen level check
  • ECG, chest X-ray, sonography and HRCT in some cases.

What percentage of patients have problems

  • Sugar has increased by 55 to 60 percent of patients, with side effects in kidney liver.
  • 25 to 30 percent of patients have depression, depression.
  • 60 percent of patients have lung fibrosis, nervousness and headache, urin problem.
  • Sore throat and pain, chest pain and dry cough in 40 percent of patients.
  • 20% of the patients have weakness, fatigue.

note: This information has been revealed in a conversation with doctors. This problem occurred to those patients who were on oxygen biped and ventilator in the hospital).

Combination of Remadecivir and Steroids gives problem

Patients who are given remadecivir or steroid during the treatment of corona have a predominantly sugar and hormonal disorder problem. According to doctors, about 2000 such patients have come up in the past, whose sugar level has increased.

His sugar level was normal before Corona, but rose from 300 to 400 after applying Remedisivir. Doctors believe that the combination of Remedisvir ve steroids increases the sugar level in the body rapidly. This causes hyperglycemia.

Regular body checkup should be done for post kovid patients

Due to the side effects of Remedacivir, patients feel that it has become corona positive again. Patients are advised by doctors that after corona, regular body checkups and checkups should be done. Body checkup is necessary once or twice a month. So that the problem can be detected and started treatment at the right time. In corona recovery patients, such problems occur for 2 to 6 months.

Remeddivir’s demand in second wave is coming more

It is given to corona patients even after the side effects of remadecivir are known. Its demand is more in the second wave than in the first wave. Since March 1, 2021, more than 45 thousand doses of Remadecivir (100 mg a dose) have been given in Surat. There is a demand of about 7 thousand doses daily in the city, while the supply is about 5000 doses. Family of patients have to be in line due to short supply.

  • Remadecivir is an antiviral drug, not corona. Kovid patients are given steroids with remadecivir. Therefore the sugar level increases. It also has side effects on the kidneys and liver, causing hepatitis, urin problems, loss of appetite, etc. There are also complaints of depression and anxiety. – Dr. Naimish Shah, Department of Medicine, Smimer Hospital
  • Remedisvir has more effect on the liver, so the patient is periodically examined. The common man’s sugar is 110 on an empty stomach and 140 after one hour of eating. After remadecivir and steroids the sugar level rises. The sugar label of patients with diabetes would have gone up to 400 as well. – Dr. Vivek Garg, Department of Medicine, Civil Hospital
  • Remedisvir is not required to be given to all patients. It has an effect on kidney liver. Should not be given to patients with mild symptoms. Giving steroids increases the sugar level, it lasts for a long time. Those who have liver kidney disease cannot be given Remedisivir. – Dr. Parul Budgama, HOD TB Chest Department

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