Students came out in protest at IIT Madras’s decree, administration swung hands as soon as students opened their front | Students came out in protest at IIT Madras’s decree, administration swung hands as soon as students opened their front

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  • Students Came Out in Protest at IIT Madras’s Decree, Administration Swung Hands As Soon As Students Opened Their Front

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The students allege that the dogs are caught in the name of sterilization and disappear. (File photo)

  • Students of IIT Madras engaged in support on eviction of dogs from 620-acre campus
  • Students said – is it a crime to feed the innocent

The IIT Madras administration is troubled by a different kind of challenge these days. Reason- The ‘animal loving’ students here are against the removal of dogs from the 620-acre campus. In fact, all the stray dogs on campus are being taken off campus. Students have also been given strict instructions not to feed them. It has been reported on the notice board of the hostel that if a student is seen feeding dogs or cats or other animals on the premises, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. He will also be denied hostel facility.

Students are starting to unite against this decision of IIT Madras administration. On social media and through online petitions, they are mobilizing support for why dogs are being removed from campus. What is the crime of giving these idiots something to eat during lockdown? Tiffena Dudley, an alumnus and employee of the institute itself, has sent an e-mail to Animal Welfare Board and MP Maneka Gandhi, seeking to intervene by filing a complaint.

Is sterilized in the name of sterilization

Roshni (name of revenge), a student of IIT Madras, says that dogs are caught and disappeared in the name of sterilization. I used to feed dogs near Velachery Gate of IIT-Madras. I have vaccinated many of them puppies and have undergone sterilization. One of these was a black-white dog. I went to campus two or three times after the lockdown, but ‘Tarry’ did not appear. A few days later I got to see a video. In it, two people were seen holding Tarry in a trap from the campus. Since then, Terry has not appeared on campus until today.

Roshni raises the question that no stray dogs have attacked or harmed anyone on campus, then why are they being removed? If their number has increased, then this work belongs to the municipality. We have cared for Tarry since we were born – she was also removed. He cannot even kill a mosquito, how can it become a threat to humans. The administration is silent on this.

Deer hunted on campus, all dogs are being removed

The IIT Madras administration decided to remove the dogs from the campus because some stray dogs had hunted a deer in the past. On this issue, the staff complained of the trouble being caused by animals on the premises. Regarding this, the students said that dogs coming inside the hostel or on campus have never harmed anyone. Student Ankush (name changed) said that if the number of dogs is increasing, this work is with the municipality. IIT administration does not have the right to decide on this.


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