stress DOES turn hair gray but the good news is it might not be permanent says american scientists | One of the reasons for graying of hair is stress, if the stress is reduced, then the old color of the hair can return; American scientists claim

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  • Stress DOES Turn Hair Gray But The Good News Is It Might Not Be Permanent Says American Scientists

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If your hair is turning white fast, then avoid stress. New research by American scientists says that one of the reasons for graying of hair is stress. Scientists claim, if you stop taking stress, then the gray hair can turn black again.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center, who did the research, has claimed, for the first time, it has been proved that due to stress in humans, hair also turns white.

Hair turns white due to stress
Researchers say that the mitochondria present in the body is called the power house of cells. These change when under stress and hundreds of proteins associated with hair also start changing. As a result, the hair turns white.

With age, the hair becomes white because the end of the hair is called hair follicle, it is attached to the skin of the head. When a person is young, the cells of the body produce a special type of pigment in the hair. Due to these pigments, the hair remains black. These pigments are called millenocytes. As a person gets older, melanocytes decrease. Therefore gradually the color of the hair starts turning white.

Research done like this on 14 people

  • To understand the connection between stress and hair, the researchers took hair samples from 14 people. These included 4 women and 7 men. Their average age was 35 years.
  • Their hair was examined in depth from photo to picture. During the investigation, it was tried to find out how much hair coloring pigment has decreased in them.
  • The people involved in the research were asked questions and answers about stress. From the diary written daily, it was understood which person was under more stress and who took less stress.
  • On investigation, a connection was found between stress and graying hair. Scientists say, in some people, the hair started turning black after the stress was reduced.
  • According to research, if a person is very young or old, then it is not necessary, in every case, after the stress is over, the hair should go back to black.

Stress changes 300 hair proteins
Researcher Picard says, there have been cases of hair turning from white to black. A man had 5 white hairs on his head. He went on leave and after a few days his hair turned black. But in a 70 year old man, it seems unlikely. According to Picard, when hair color changes, about 300 types of proteins also change.

What the brain thinks, the effect is seen on the hair
According to researcher Picard, as long as the hair remains attached to the human skin, it is affected by many things. For example, how much stress hormone is released on taking stress, what the human brain thinks and what activity the body is going through. Once the hair is separated from the body, it hardens and remains the same forever.

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