Stray Dog Fights With Lioness Tourists On A Safari Jeep Witnessed See Viral Video


Dangerous fight between lioness and dog, IPS quote- ‘Dog in your street too …’ – Watch Video

A video of a dog fighting with a lioness in a forest (Stray Dog Fights with Lioness) has gone viral on social media. Read it again if it seems hard to believe but it is actually true. Indian Forest Service officer Praveen Kaswan (IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan) shared a two-minute clip on Twitter and has been viewed more than one and a half million times. IPS officer Ankita Sharma has also reacted to this tweet.

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In the short clip that Praveen Kaswan shared, a stray dog ​​faced a lioness without blinking. Dangerous war was seen between the two in the forest. Seeing the lioness, the dog started barking and kept barking for a long time. After some time, the lioness and the dog ended the fight and both withdrew. Meanwhile, tourists witnessed the incident from afar on a safari jeep.

Now, if you say victory dog ​​here will not be wrong. Because the lioness was much stronger than the dog. The dog could have lost its life due to his small attack, but the dog stubbornly confronted and managed to save his life.

While sharing the video, Praveen Kaswan wrote in the caption, ‘This confidence is needed in life. Fight between dog and lion. It also sheds light on the issue of interaction between stray dogs and wildlife. Lion only as a sign.

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IPS officer Ankita Sharma has also reacted to this. He wrote in the comment section, ‘The street through which Bakbar passes, the dog in your street is also a lion’.

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