Stop pressuring with protests, not pain me again: Rajinikanth appeals to fans – don’t ask me to get into politics again and again, I have trouble: Rajinikanth’s appeal to fans


Actor Rajinikanth will not enter politics (file photo)


Actor Rajinikanth appealed to his fans today amid the demand from supporters to enter politics. He said that do not create pressure to enter politics by performing. In this way I suffer. He clearly said that he will not enter politics. Rajinikanth was shocked by announcing not to enter politics last month. Since then, his supporters have been demanding to enter politics.

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On Sunday, Rajinikanth’s fans protested and urged him to withdraw his decision not to enter politics. After which the 70-year-old actor issued a statement.

Rejecting the demand of supporters, Rajinikanth said, “I have explained in detail the reasons for not joining politics. I have stated my decision. It is not necessary to come to politics by organizing such programs again and again Say, it hurts me. ”

Actor Rajinikanth clearly stated that he would not enter politics and appealed to his fans not to organize any program to reconsider it.

After being hospitalized in Hyderabad due to fluctuations in blood pressure, the actor said on December 29 that he would not enter politics in view of the corona virus epidemic and his health condition.

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