Stock Trading: Making Money From Loss-Making Companies That Are Profitable | Earnings are also being made from loss-making companies, investors got benefit from these companies

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  • Broking firm CLSA has set a share target of Rs 730 for Airtel
  • Indigo share is at Rs 1782. Market cap is Rs 68,600 crore

It is generally advised to stay away from loss making companies, but there are many companies in the market which are making losses. Despite this, his shares have shown a significant rise in the last one year. These companies are not small.

2.30 lakh crore increase in market cap of top 10 companies

The data of Bombay Stock Exchange i.e. BSE shows that if we look at the top 10 companies, then their market capitalization has increased by Rs 2.30 lakh crore in the last one year. That is, investors have faith in these companies. Investors have invested in the hope that the days of these companies will return.

Loss of 82 thousand crores in 1 year

Talking about these ten companies, their loss during April 2020 to March 2021 has been Rs 82 thousand crores. This includes Tata Group’s Tata Motors, Indigo, state-owned BHEL, Reliance Capital, Alok Industries etc. Broking houses also keep giving investment advice in the shares of these companies.

Airtel’s loss 23 thousand crores

Talking about Airtel, the second largest telecom company, its loss has been 23 thousand 328 crores in 1 year. A year ago it was close to Rs 33 thousand crore. But during this period its market capitalization has increased by more than Rs 56 thousand crore. Foreign broking firm CLSA has set a target of Rs 730 for its share. Its share price is Rs 541 which went up to Rs 623. The market cap is Rs 2.97 lakh crore.

Tata Motors’ loss of 13 thousand crores

Similarly, Tata Motors has given a loss of Rs 13 thousand crore in a year. However, its market capitalization has increased by Rs 94 thousand 500 crore. Analysts are still seeing bullishness in this too. CLSA has set a target of Rs 450 for this. Share Khan has a target of Rs 430. Right now it is trading at Rs 351. Its market cap is Rs 1.17 lakh crore.

BHEL’s loss of Rs 2,743 crore

State-owned BHEL’s loss has been Rs 2,743 crore. A year ago i.e. during April 2019 to March 2020, it was Rs 1,494 crore. However, the stock had fallen 12% on Monday. It is likely to decline further. On Tuesday, it had gone up to Rs 70 with a gain of 4%. CLSA has given it a target of Rs 40 while Nirmal Bang has given a target of Rs 48.

IndiGo’s loss of Rs 5,806 crore

Talking about InterGlobe, which runs IndiGo, it has also been in huge losses. Its loss between April 2020 and March 2021 has been Rs 5,806 crore. But its market cap has increased by Rs 28,000 crore. Its share is currently at Rs 1782 while the market cap is Rs 68,600 crore. Apart from these, state-run banks Punjab and Sind Bank and Alok Industries have also seen similar gains in market cap. Although all of them have been in loss.

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