Stayed away from family for the Olympics, had to leave the country; These women made their dream come true even after stumbling and taunting | Stayed away from family for the Olympics, had to leave the country; These women made their dream come true even after stumbling and taunting

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  • Stayed Away From Family For The Olympics, Had To Leave The Country; These Women Made Their Dream Come True Even After Stumbling And Taunting

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Sanda Aldas, Kimia Alizadeh and Masoma Ali Jada

Syria, Iran and Afghanistan… where women find it difficult to even leave their homes, far away from even thinking about sports. In such circumstances, leaving the family and the country, these women athletes made a place in the 29-member IOC refugee team playing in the Tokyo Olympics, know their struggle…

Left husband and son in Syria and went to Europe, trained in refugee camp for 6 months: Sanda

In 2015, leaving husband Fadi Darvish (also a coach) and son in Syria, she moved to the Netherlands for the Olympics. There he had to live in a refugee camp. As a mother, going to Europe to take judo training was challenging, but did not give up. Desperate to be away from family. But if she didn’t do anything, she would go crazy.

Throw myself into running and workouts. The family was reunited after six months. Two more children were born. Participated in World Judo and Grand Slam in 2019 and 2021. The Olympics was the goal of the whole family, the three children used to say that mother, you have to play the Olympics. – Sanda Aldas

The lone Olympic medalist, but did not get attention, left the country for sports: Kimiya

I made history for Iran by winning a bronze medal in Taekwondo at the Rio Olympics. I became the only woman Olympic medalist in the country. When I reached Iran after winning the medal in 2016, I was getting respect, but it was an external show.
None of us is important to the government. We are just a weapon to be used for them. There was mental pressure on me, after marriage, there was a lot of talk. I decided to leave Iran and live in Germany for my sport and freedom and to keep the Olympic stubbornness alive. – Kimiya Alizadeh

I was laughed at, threatened by coach-colleagues, but I didn’t quit cycling: Masoma

I am originally from Iran. The family had settled in Afghanistan after being deported from Iran. It was here that my father and my sister were taught the cycle. I made it to the national team at the age of 16. But people did not like it. Knocked me down with a car, made fun of me.

Colleagues and coaches were also threatened. There was so much pressure on us that we had to come to France in 2017. We were pressured by our community to stop cycling and get married. One day I will return to Afghanistan and organize a grand cycle race. – Masoma Ali Jada

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