Start your day with watermelon this summer; here’s why

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Published: March 21, 2020 4:15:11 pm

Watermelons consist of 92 per cent water. (Source: File Photo)

Summer is almost here and what can be better than starting with your favourite fruits today? One of the summer essentials that you should definitely stock up on are watermelons. The juicy, refreshing fruit is not only good for keeping you cool but has numerous health benefits too. It’s also easily accessible. And from maintaining water levels in the body to boosting your fibre-intake, have the juicy bite to not only beat the summer heat but have the required amount of nutrients.

Have a bowl full of this summer fruit or make a juice, but be sure to include this in your regular diet.

Here’s what lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho has to share.

While listing out the properties of the fruit that make it an incredible must-have, Coutinho captioned the post, “This amazing summer fruit …rich in Lycopene, is a good remedy for cleaning the kidneys. “Dry the seeds, boil in water to clean the kidney.”

Lycopene, a carotenoid, is a natural pigment that gives watermelon its distinct red colour. There are various benefits of this natural pigment.

Here’s why you should have watermelon in your diet

Vitamin C and A

It is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene levels, which makes it good for the skin and hair. The vitamin C in it helps the body produce collagen which is essential for cell structure and immune function and promotes wound healing.

High water content

Due to the high water content of about 92 per cent, they help you stay hydrated. Not just that, they have a low calorie density which means that even a large portion of watermelon contains very few calories.

Fibre-rich fruit

A good amount of water composition in the fruit combined with fibre helps one feel satiated which helps unnecessary hunger pangs.

Apart from Coutinho’s pointers, here are some more you would want to know.

Maintaining the blood pressure

Citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon produces nitric oxide that helps in expanding the blood vessels. This prevents blood pressure from spiking suddenly.

Considered good for post-menopausal women

Lycopene helps reduce the stiffness and thickness of artery walls, an issue that many post-menopausal women face.

Do you need more reasons to gorge on the delicious fruit?

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