South African woman gives birth to 10 babies, breaks Guinness World Record | 37-year-old African woman breaks world record by giving birth to 10 children at once, says; 8 confirmed in the investigation but 10 children born


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A woman from South Africa’s Goteng province has created a world record by giving birth to 10 children at once. The girl’s name is Gosem Thamara Sithole. Gosem gave birth to 7 boys and 3 girls on 7th June. With this, 37-year-old Gosem has broken the world record of Halima, a resident of Mali. Halima broke the world record by giving birth to nine children in Morocco last month. Gosem already has 6-year-old twins.

Confirmed 8 children, 10 delivered
At the beginning of the pregnancy, doctors had confirmed 6 babies. After some time the investigations revealed that there are 8 babies in the womb, but 10 babies were born during delivery. The 2 babies were in the wrong part of the tube, says Gossem, so were not visible during the initial test.

Gosem says, I was sick during pregnancy and was surprised to see my condition.

Gosem says, I was sick during pregnancy and was surprised to see my condition.

Surprised by weakness in early pregnancy
Gossem said, I was surprised from the beginning about my pregnancy. Apart from weakness, I was also sick in those days, but gradually got used to it. I prayed to God that all the children should be healthy. That happened too. Words cannot describe how happy I was after seeing the kids.

this is a rare case
This is a rare case, says Professor Dini Mavella of Safeco MacGhetho Health Sciences University. This may be due to fertility treatment. However, Gossem says that she did not take any fertility treatment.

According to Professor Mavela, this is a wonderful situation. He says I don’t know how this can happen. The risk is greater in such cases. The danger is because there is no room for so many children in the mother’s womb. As a result, children are smaller in size.

In such a situation, premature delivery is done so that the risk to the baby and the mother can be reduced. How long the babies will be able to live depends on how long they have been in the mother’s womb.

Gosem with husband Teboho.

Gosem with husband Teboho.

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