South Africa will store COVID-19 vaccines at secret place due to theft risk – South Africa fears COVID-19 vaccine theft


South Africa to store Corona vaccine in secret (symbolic photo)


In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, preparations for the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide are in full swing. After getting permission to use two vaccines in India, many countries are now looking towards India for vaccines. Meanwhile, the government of South Africa will hide 1.5 million doses of Coronavirus Vaccine from India in a secret place over the next few weeks. Actually, the government is afraid of the vaccine being stolen. This has been said in a media report.

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“The vaccine will become a very expensive commodity once it is stolen and reached the black market,” South African Health Department spokesman Popo Maja told the City Press on Sunday. He said that if this happens, then there is a risk that the price of the vaccine obtained illegally will increase significantly.

Popo Maja said, “There will be a central location, where the vaccine consignment will be kept and then distributed from here to hospitals and clinics pharmacy.” He said, “There are also security risks because countries that have started vaccination have warned us that the vaccine is very likely to be stolen. So we cannot even disclose where the vaccine is being kept is.”

South Africa’s Health Minister Javeli Mkhize said in his address to the South African Parliament last week, “The second wave of coronavirus and new strains of the virus has led to growing cases of infection and death among the AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine from India. Is contracted to take 1.5 million doses. “

South Africa is expected to get 10 lakh doses of the vaccine by the end of this month and the remaining 5 lakh doses in February. Government and non-government health workers will be given priority in vaccination.



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