Sonu Soods Team Save Lives Of 22 Covid Patients At Bengaluru Hospital


Sonu Sood

New Delhi:

The cases of Corona Virus are increasing day by day. The situation around the country is forcing you to think. At the same time, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is constantly seen helping the needy. Sometimes at the airport and sometimes on Twitter, people are asking for their help. On Tuesday, 22 Corona patients were saved due to Sonu Sood. Please tell that in the middle of the night, Sonu Sood received a call and was told on the phone that the condition of the hospital is very bad, help is needed to save the lives of the people. After which 15 oxygen cylinders were arranged.

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Let us know that when the ARK Hospital in Bangalore requested the help of Sonu Sood, the team arranged for an oxygen cylinder. Inspector MR Satyanarayana called Sonu Sood’s Charity Foundation on Tuesday to consider the report. It was told that the condition of the hospital is bad due to lack of oxygen, two patients have died. To this, Sonu Sood says that “our team is always ready to help the countrymen. Saving someone’s life is a big achievement. He further said that as soon as we got confirmation of this, we started arranging oxygen in a few minutes. The whole team helped the hospital to get oxygen cylinders all night without thinking anything. If there was a slight delay in the meantime, many people would have lost their family and close ones. ”

Let us know that Sonu Sood is seen helping people in their studies, treatment, work, jobs and everything. Due to the help of Sonu Sood, if his idol is made in the village, then it is also worshiped elsewhere. He has won a lot of hearts with his work. Even during the lockdown, Sonu Sood helped people a lot. He even invited students stranded abroad to India via plane. Talking about the workfront, recently he has signed the film ‘Kisan’. Apart from this, he will also be seen in ‘Prithviraj’ soon.


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