sonu sood tough work out video goes viral on internet


Sonu Sood showed this feat in gym

Special things

  • Sonu Sood’s tweet went viral
  • Sonu Sood is seen doing workouts
  • Sonu Sood seen hanging in the air for 20 seconds

new Delhi:

Sonu Sood, who has made his special identity in Bollywood to South Indian films, has also become a social media sensation these days. Actors share any video or photo on the internet, they start going viral within a few minutes, recently they shared a video doing their workout in which they are seen hanging in the air for 20 seconds. Sonu Sood has shared the tuff workout video from his official Twitter account, on which fans are commenting by giving a lot of reaction.

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This tweet of Sonu Sood is becoming very fast and giving a lot of reactions from fans to celebs. Actress Kriti Kharbanda wrote while commenting – Oh my God, then there was a fan who wrote – Sir I love you, seeing the beautiful comment of the fan, it would not be wrong to say that people love them very much.

On the other hand, Sonu Sood often helps people through social media. During the lockdown, due to the way Sonu Sood has come forward and helped people, the actor has created a special identity in the hearts of people. Not only this, Sonu comes forward to help the man still needed. And also help people through tweets.


Please tell that Sonu Sood proved to be the Messiah amidst the corona virus epidemic lockdown. He extended his hand to help people amid the epidemic like Corona virus. Sonu Sood arranged a bus and train to ensure the daily wage laborers trapped in the cities during the epidemic are safely delivered to their homes. Along with this, he also booked the plane for returning students trapped abroad. Not only this, for Corona Warriors Sonu Sood also donated his hotel located in Juhu. Along with this, he also distributed food to the people in the epidemic.


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