Son Shares Video Singing The Song He Sang For His Dying Mother On Video Call Will Make You Tears


Son narrated the last song to the corona afflicted mother on video call, after her departure, now shared the video

Everyone is sad and upset in this difficult time struggling with Corona, every day a member of a family is going away from them. In such a situation, many videos are also becoming viral on social media, after seeing which tears will fill your eyes. Recently, one such news made people emotional. When his mother suffering from corona was taking last breath in the hospital and he was listening to her singing on video call.

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In the hospital where his mother was undergoing treatment, a doctor Deepshikha Ghosh gave this information on Twitter. In his tweet, he had told how his son, a corona-afflicted mother, was reciting the last song on a video call. Now the same son has shared the video of the last song narrated to the mother after her mother left this world.

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The son has now shared that video for his mother on his Instagram account. His mother died due to Kovid. And he was telling them this song for the last time. In this video, he has sung the same song again. In the video, he described the love between him and his mother. He says that even today, I try to call my mother. But in the face of luck, everyone loses and what has to happen stays through. She knows how much we love her.


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