Social Distancing Festival in UK (Gisburne Park Pop-Up); All You Need To Know | 6 guests in a 6 and a half meter radius; Eating and drinking and dancing will be all within it


  • The festival started in Gisburn Park, England, it will run till the end of August, no need to line, everything will be found on the table
  • People visiting here are enjoying DJs, film screenings, operas and family singing, advance booking is required to attend the festival.

Daily newspaper

Jul 14, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

In the last 5 months due to Corona epidemic, almost every kind of festival has been canceled worldwide. Now a new kind of festival has been started due to increasing interest of people to get out in unlock. The first of its kind social distancing festival has started in Britain. The name of this festival is Gisburn Park Pop-up. It is being held until 31 August at Gisburn Park in Lancashire, England.

See the fun of this unique social distancing festival lasting one and a half months in pictures.

Hexagonal pitches are designed to keep the festival attendees in a limited range. Only 6 people are allowed to sit in it. There is a 2.6 meter gap between one pitch and the other, which all have to follow.
A short distance away from the festival grounds are DJs Craig Harrison and Patrick who play the song according to the mood of the festival. The special thing is that if someone wants to dance, then he has to do so while staying within his realm.
Once hexagonal pitch is in, everything will be served on the table. Everything from drinks to food can be ordered and ordered in your social bubble. This has been done keeping in mind that people do not have to be in line and follow the guideline.
To attend the festival one has to book his place in advance, during this time it is forbidden to go to the realm of another so that there is no risk of infection. During this time, the most important thing is that you have to maintain a radius of 2 meters.
The festival has started. It will run until August 2020. Visitors will be able to enjoy DJs, film screenings, operas and family singing.
The official website that organizes this festival organisation says that it is not a camping program. This program is for those who want to spend some memorable time with their family, friends and close ones.
It is also taken care not to come together in the festival. Different days have been set for each activity. Such as Wednesday-Saturday for family shows, Wednesday-Thursday for film screenings and Friday-Saturday for the party.


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