Smartphones are the most “sacred” invention of the modern world after wheels: Amitabh Bachchan

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Published: April 20, 2020 4:55:05 pm

Smartphones are the most “sacred” invention of the modern world after wheels: Amitabh Bachchan

Smartphones have become a part of our life ever since its inception. In fact, in today’s scenario with everyone sitting at home a smartphone has become everybody’s life and not just a ‘part’, especially for people living far away from family and friends. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan also feels quite the same. In the latest blog written by Bachchan on, he recollects how the world transformed from a “hand” phone to a “smart” phone.

“In the 90’s on a private visit to the BigApple; the city that never sleeps – NYC, New York USA – when the mobile was in its early prevalence, but not in its supreme, the Contact list had an ‘h’ after the name .. The ‘h’ was for ‘hand’.. the hand phone .. the mobile .. it went wherever your hand went .. In the times of the present that ‘h’ has lost its importance .. it’s understood .. the 10 digits that follow after .. more likely the ‘h’ needs replacement .. it should be an ‘s’ .. !! ‘s’.. the smart phone..” he writes in the post.

He takes away the “smart” from the phone and replaces it with ‘W’ which denotes ‘world’”. It can’t be denied that smartphones have become the world for us. From making calls to ordering food to sending messages to video calling and so much more there’s absolutely nothing that a smartphone can’t do. With the smartphone in hand you have the “world in your hand”, Bachchan writes.

“Earlier you left home and never forgot to carry your wallet, your keys of the house, the car, the office wherever .. you leave wherever you are sitting today to move and the hand goes to the ‘W’ instantly, he writes. “A world without that smart phone is an improbability today and never has its value been evaluated more than in the world wide Covid-19 crisis!”

Smartphones have redefined communication, Bachchan feels. Earlier when sitting around with the family or a group of friends in a room over a cup of coffee it was about talking, discussing but with smartphones coming into the scene it’s now “about sitting around in a room with a cup of coffee with friends .. BUT not together yet together .. that is the marvel of the ‘smarty’.”

“Shoot a film with 12 artists in different parts of the world making it look as though they were all in one room, was a unique idea and a unique exercise .. everything was controlled conveyed communicated and composed with the ‘smart’,” Bachchan writes in the post.

Sharing more thoughts on how smartphones make life easy and simple Bachchan writes, “Did a poem recitation to music and visual. No sweat. The smart mobile did it all. Sat in front of it and recorded the verse. Sent it through the smart to music composer. Went on to a Con Call with the music partner and the recordist, all in different parts of the city and all at home .. got a final mix of the track, shot the visual and sent it back to the edit for the patch .. got back the final and on to the social media outlets within seconds .. DONE. All of it with the latest and most sacred ‘invention’ of the modern world, after the invention of the ‘wheel’.”

Bachchan wonders what would have we done it the smartphone wasn’t invented.. “or rather .. how in hell did we ever do without it.”

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