Smartphone camera modified with LED black lights can be used to detect harmful bacteria that cause acne and dental plaque | You will be able to see the bacteria of the mouth with the camera of the smartphone, scan the tongue at home and see if there is bacteria or not

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  • Smartphone Camera Modified With LED Black Lights Can Be Used To Detect Harmful Bacteria That Cause Acne And Dental Plaque

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To test the bacteria, 10 LED lights were installed in the mobile camera with 3D ring.

  • Washington University scientists prepared smartphone for investigation
  • Said, if bacteria are present, it can be captured in the camera of the smartphone

Now bacteria can be detected even with the camera of a mobile phone. American scientists modified the mobile camera and connected it with LED black light. The human tongue was scanned with this camera. During this, the bacteria of the teeth were seen shining. Acne bacteria can also be seen with its help.

can test at home
Scientists at the University of Washington, who prepared it, say that smartphones are being used all over the world. These are within people’s budget and it is easy for them to test for bacteria. With the help of this device, people at home will be able to know whether there is bacteria or not.

Researcher Dr. Ruikang Wang says, skin and mouth bacteria affect our health. Bacteria in the teeth and gums of the mouth slow down the rate of wound healing.

This is how the bacteria look shining.

This is how the bacteria look shining.

how to detect bacteria
To test the bacteria, 10 LED lights were installed in the mobile camera with 3D ring. Researchers say, the bacteria emit special waves, so it is not caught by ordinary mobile cameras. But their waves are detected by black LED light. It is proved that bacteria are present.

Bacteria are more visible on the skin
Researcher Dr. Qinghua says, when the LED light is lit, a special type of molecule (porphyrin) released from the bacteria gives a red glowing signal. It is captured by the smartphone’s camera.

When skin wounds do not heal, the porphyrin molecule can be mostly seen on the skin because many bacteria are present, says Dr. Qinghua.

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