skincare include these Flower Face Pack in your skincare routine


Fresh flowers can be purchased from the market or can also be plucked from your garden, so that some of the best face packs can be prepared, which give amazing fragrance and make instant changes on the skin. The way to make a face pack of flowers is a bit long, which you can try on holidays and on weekends. We are telling you how to make face packs made of 5 different flowers using different flowers, which you can include in the skincare routine.

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Hibiscus flower face pack (Hibiscus Flower Face Pack)

do you want it-

1 teaspoon hibiscus powder

1/4 cup brown rice flour

1 tbsp yogurt

1 teaspoon fresh aloe vera gel

1 bowl

Method of preparation

For the Hibiscus flower face pack, you have to start preparations a week in advance. Take fresh hibiscus flowers and place them on a tray. Keep this tray of hibiscus flowers in the sun everyday. After a week, you will find hibiscus flowers dry and rough in texture. Put these dried hibiscus flowers in the grinder and make powder.

-When you prepare the face pack, you will need to mix one full spoon of hibiscus powder in a bowl with brown rice flour. It can also be kept for future use.

-When we apply the hibiscus face pack, we will mix two spoons of hibiscus powder and brown sugar. Add yogurt and aloe vera gel to it and make a paste.

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Rose, Honey and Yogurt Face Pack (Rose, Honey, And Curd Face Pack)

do you want it-

10-15 fresh rose petals

1 teaspoon organic honey

1 teaspoon hung curd

Method of preparation

To make a face pack of rose, honey and yogurt make sure that you use fresh red rose petals only. Soak rose petals in water for one hour.

-Pour the petals of the rose in the grinder to make a paste.

Gather the rose petal paste in the bowl and add honey and yogurt one after the other.

To make a light pink face pack, mix rose petal paste, honey and yogurt.

-Once the face pack becomes thick and smooth, it is ready for use.

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Marigold Face Pack ( Marigold Face Pack)

do you want it-

1 small cup marigold petals

½ teaspoon roasted yogurt

Half a teaspoon sandalwood powder or paste

Mixer grinder

1 small bowl

Method of preparation

First of all take the petals of marigold, add few drops of water and grind it after putting it in the mixer.

-Gather orange marigold paste in the bowl. Mix yogurt and sandalwood paste in right proportion.

-Mix all ingredients to prepare face pack.

-If it is dry, you can add a few drops of rose water.

-Once prepared, apply it on the face, leave it for some time and then wash it.

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Jasmine face pack (Jasmine Face Pack)

do you want it-

20-25 fresh jasmine flowers

1 tbsp honey

The mixer

1 small bowl

Method of preparation

In the mixer, add petals and some water together and make a paste.

Gather jasmine flower paste in the bowl and add honey to it. The beautician believes that jasmine face packs can also be used without honey.

-Your Jasmine face pack is ready and it also works on skin breakage and sensitive skin.

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Lotus Face Pack (Lotus Face Pack)

do you want it-

10 lotus petals

1/2 small cup of raw milk

A few drops of almond oil

1 small bowl

Method of preparation

Mash the petals of the lotus and put it in the mixer. Add milk to the mixer and make a paste. If the paste is too thick, you can add more milk.

-Gather lotus paste in the bowl. Add almond oil drops and your face pack is ready to apply.


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