Six Year Old Boy Kulraj Sharma Bhangra Little Star His Bhangra Dance Video Wins Heart

Chhote Sardar did Bhangra in a pompous style, the singer also became a fan

Everyone likes Punjabi dance i.e. Bhangra. People are also very fond of doing Bhangra. Some people do so much Bhangra that it becomes difficult to take their eyes off their dance. But, how would you feel if a small child in front of you starts doing more perfect Bhangra than the elders. Have you seen a small child doing perfect Bhangra? If not, then see the video of the child whom we are going to show you. Seeing this, you too would like to learn Bhangra from it.

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The name of this little boy who does Bhangra is Kulraj. When Kulraj does Bhangra, the feet of elders are also forced to tremble on their own. Kulraj is very young in age, but his Bhangra steps are such, which hardly anyone can do big. Kulraj Sharma shares videos of his Bhangra on Instagram. If you watch their videos yourself, then you will also come to know that this child will even beat the elders in Bhangra.

Seeing the Bhangra videos of 6-year-old Kulraj, people also become his fans. Even famous singer Jordan Sandhu is also a fan of Kulraj. They also watch their Bhangra videos. Kulraj performed on a song by Jordan Sandhu. Which Jordan has also praised. He wrote while commenting, ‘God bless you puttar written…’ Kulraj has 64 thousand followers on Instagram. Do not know how many people have become fans of Bhangra of Kulraj. Kulraj has also won many awards for Bhangra. Kulraj does Bhangra in full Punjabi look. Apart from this, Kulraj also participates in Bhangra shows.

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