Six Out of Ten Companies Looking To Hire For New Positions, 81 Percent Companies Choose Virtual Platforms For Hiring During Pandemic | Trend of virtual hiring increased due to Kovid, 60% companies are ready to recruit

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  • Six Out Of Ten Companies Looking To Hire For New Positions, 81 Percent Companies Choose Virtual Platforms For Hiring During Pandemic

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  • 81% of companies chose virtual platforms for recruitment during the pandemic
  • Half of companies adopt remote hiring systems, invest in technology
  • Three-fourth of the companies said – technology is getting value addition in business

In the coming times, most of the recruitment will be done through virtual methods, this has been revealed from a recent report by Mercer & Mattel, a global talent assessment company. Nearly half of the participants in the survey conducted by the company spoke of adopting digital methods of recruitment during Kovid-19.

Selection of virtual platform for recruitment

Mercer & Mattel has released The State of Talent Acquisition Report 2021 based on the recent recruitment trends. Nearly 81% of the companies surveyed said that they have chosen virtual platforms for hiring during COVID.

Benefits of using online medium

According to the survey, the use of online medium has been very beneficial for the recruiters. This is because it took less time to complete the hiring process and also reduced the cost. Moreover, through this, he got an opportunity to choose the best candidates from all over the world.

Positive trend of recruitment in 2021

Jobs were cut in 2020 and the unemployment rate increased, but in 2021, there are positive trends of recruitment. Hiring managers are confident about the level of recruitment to reach the level before Kovid. 60% of the companies surveyed expressed their intention to recruit new positions.

Companies adopt technology rapidly

Siddharth Gupta, CEO, Mercer & Mattel says, “The past 14 months have seen a major shift in hiring trends during the Covid period. The report tells how fast companies have adopted modern technology due to Kovid and how much they can benefit from them going forward.

More Hiring for Product and Tech Roles

The survey report also suggests that companies are improving existing roles and creating new roles to suit the new environment. 53% of the companies surveyed said that they want to hire for product and technology roles. 39.42% companies expressed willingness to hire in the operations and 39% companies in the sales role.

Companies adopting inclusion mindset

According to a recent survey report by Mercer & Mattel, there will be equal employment opportunities in 2021. The survey report said that companies are working according to the needs of the future. In view of this, they are adopting the approach of diversity, equality and inclusion for the recruitment.

Companies have trouble with the long recruitment process

The survey report also mentions the challenges faced by the hiring manager. According to him, most companies have a lengthy recruitment process, which is not suitable for a highly competitive market. According to the report, in such a situation, it is very important to recruit the right talent in the shortest possible time.

Recruitment process longer than three months in some companies

According to the report, the recruitment process of only 20% of the companies is short i.e. less than 1 month. More than 25% of companies take three months or more to complete the recruitment process. 35.92% of companies said that lack of use of data and technology is the biggest challenge in the recruitment process.

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