Six covid patients died in hospital in Gurugram, family members accused of running out of oxygen


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New Delhi:

A painful news has emerged from the cyber city of Delhi, Gurugram, where 6 Kovid patients died suddenly in a single night at Kirti Hospital in Sector 56 area of ​​Gurugram. Family members have alleged that oxygen was exhausted in the hospital at night, due to which the doctors who were being treated, fled from here and left the patients to God. It is alleged that after which 6 out of about 20 patients admitted to the hospital died due to lack of oxygen.

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There was an uproar at Kirti Hospital in Sector 56 of Gurugram when the doctors of the hospital suddenly disappeared at around 10:30 pm and the God of faith, about 20 Kovid patients undergoing treatment in the hospital, became confident. In fact, it is to say that the Timadars of the hospitalized patients, who have accused the hospital that there was a sudden oxygen exhaustion in the hospital at night, after which the doctors who were being treated, ran away from it and 6 patients died due to lack of oxygen. . After the incident, the family members of the deceased are in a bad state. When people came to know at night that the doctors had run away from the hospital, the family members in the hospital started committing a ruckus here after which people called the police and started accusing the police that the doctors ran away in front of the police. Huh.

Angry family in the night also threw pots on the stairs of Kirti Hospital, which caused the stairs to break. When there were no doctors in the hospital at night, then at that time the police called a team of doctors from here and there, but by then 6 Kovid patients had died. In view of security, a heavy police force has been deployed outside the hospital so that angry temper can not create any ruckus. But in the morning, after seeing the dead bodies of their loved ones, they are in a bad state and are telling the blame of the hospital for all this.

Tughlaqi decree of Gurugram administration – if you do not live in the city, you will not get oxygen

In this whole case, when we tried to talk to the officials of the district administration, no officer is ready to even pick up the phone. Last Sunday also, after the death of four Kovid patients at a Kathuria hospital in Gurugram, the district administration magistrate ordered an inquiry, so it will have to be seen whether the district administration should also conduct an investigation here so that it can be found that the 6 patients who were in the Kirti hospital Who is responsible for the death of

Only the hospitals there will get oxygen from the plants of Gurugram


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