Shweta was seen talking to a friend on phone, after the viral, the person made a song on it – watch video – Shweta seen talking to a friend on phone


Shweta seen talking to friends on phone, after viral, the person made a song on it – watch video

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, where the girl forgot to mute group calls (Woman Forgets To Turn Off Mic On Group Call) and she kept talking to friends on the phone. . The girl’s name is Shweta, who was talking to her friend Radhika. Someone shared the conversation of both of them on social media. Since then, #Shweta has been the top trend on Twitter for many hours.

Shweta forgot to mute Mike during a Microsoft team call with her teammates. She was having intimate conversations with her friend about another friend, who was heard by colleagues present in the group call. Many companions shouted, ‘Shweta is your mic on.’ But she was busy talking with her friend. Soon, Twitter users started sharing mimes and started trending #Shweta on social media platforms.

See Video:

At the same time, now Musician Mayur Jumani has created a cool song giving a new twist to Shweta Zoom Call (#Shweta Zoom Call). Which has been shared by Mayur Jumani on his Instagram account. Posting this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘Since yesterday, many people have requested for this.’ Jumani’s Shweta Your Mike Is On (#ShwetaYourMicIsOn) song is being liked by the people and people are praising this song.


This song is becoming very fast on social media, people are sharing it on all social media platforms. In the same way, people have liked Yash Raj Mukhate’s Pavari Song so much, now people are also liking this Shweta Your Mike Is On from Mayur Jumani. One user wrote while commenting, ‘How long was the final song coming from wait’.


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