Shweta Tripathi Sharma Interview After Cargo Film Release Vikrant Massey


Shweta Tripathi Sharma interviewed for the film 'Cargo'

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new Delhi:

The film 'Cargo Film' by Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi Sharma has been released on Netflix. Based on the agreement between the demons and humans, this film depicts the journey of man after death. This film, full of science fiction and fantasy, shows that demons have compromised humans, and they have built space stations in space, erasing memories of humans after they die and preparing them for new life. . Recently, the film's lead actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma had a special conversation with NewsBust. During this, he shared his experience.

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When Shweta Tripathi Sharma was asked about the experience of working in 'Cargo', she said, "Cargo, when I came to me, I knew Aarti Kadav. I met her, only after our first meeting we knew that we both wanted to work with each other. When she wrote Cargo, she wrote the character's name Shweta, because she wanted me to ' Let me be a part of Cargo Film. I was very excited when I came to know that Aarti has written the feature. I had never met anyone whose thoughts like Aarti before, Aarti thinks outside the world. "

Shweta Tripathi Sharma further said, "We came to know that we will be demons and we will also have a spaceship. Also knew that the budget is very small and low. For those who are debut directors, their energy is absolutely unique. It happens and is a pension, because the one who is your first project is like your first love. You work with all your life and hard work in it. Aarti is not only a director but also a wonderful person . "

Talking about working with Vikrant Massey, Shweta Tripathi Sharma said, "I worked with Vikrant first in 'Mirzapur'. And when we were 'Mirzapur Season 1' The cargo was being cast and was about to be shot. So I thought that I would talk to Vikrant once and I was convinced that Vikrant would like this script. That's exactly what happened. "


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