Short Sightedness; Scientists Develop Specially-designed Glasses To Myopia Control | Chinese scientists made smart glasses to slow down the effects of myopia, making it easier to see distant things; Effect of disease reduced by 67% in two years

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  • Short Sightedness; Scientists Develop Specially Designed Glasses To Myopia Control

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Scientists have developed smart glasses that reduce the effects of the eye disease myopia. In myopia, the patient cannot see distant objects clearly. For example, an object placed at a distance of 2 meters appears blurry to the patient.

Research has also been done on the effect of these glasses. China’s Wenzhou Medical University studied 167 children wearing these glasses. The children were asked to wear these glasses for 12 hours a day. After doing this for 2 years, the effect of myopia was reduced by 67 percent.

What changes in the eyes due to myopia, how glasses work and what is the condition of such patients in the country, know the answers to these questions

What happens when I have myopia?
Understand in simple language, the eyeball of the eyes increases in roundness with age. Eyeballs of myopia patients tend to widen with age. This has a bad effect on the retina that produces vision. As a result, nearby things are clearly visible, but distant things are not clearly visible.

Why myopia occurs, scientists have not been able to find out so far. They believe that genes may be the cause of myopia.

Some scientists say that not spending time outside the house could be one of the reasons for this. Another theory says that when strong light falls on the eyes, dopamine hormone is released from the retina and there is a bad effect on the eyes.

These rings made in glasses work to reduce the effect of myopia.

These rings made in glasses work to reduce the effect of myopia.

glasses work like this
Special types of rings have been made in the glasses of the glasses. These rings shine light on the retina so that everything can be seen clearly. Using these glasses slows down the rate of deterioration of eyeball size. The deterioration of the size of the eyeball determines how fast the myopia is progressing in the patient.

Patients with increasing myopia

Researchers say, special contact lenses can also control it, but they do not suit all children. Hence, smart glasses are a better option. It looks like regular glasses, but the 11 types of rings present in its glasses work to control myopia.

According to experts, the situation has worsened in the last few years i.e. myopia patients have increased because people are spending long time on the phone screen. Users are working on reading books for a long time only on smartphones.

According to a report by AIIMS, about 13 percent of children in Asia suffer from myopia. At the same time, about 30 percent of the people of America are suffering from it.

According to a report, in 2010 the number of patients with myopia was 28 percent, which may increase to 50 percent by 2050.

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