shivsena writes editorial in support of jaya bachchan over bollywood drugs connection – Shiv Sena comes out in support of Jaya Bachchan on drugs controversy, wrote in face – doping test of accused


Jaya Bachchan defended Bollywood in Parliament on drug charges. (File photo)

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  • Shiv Sena came out in support of Jaya Bachchan
  • Editorial written on drugs issue
  • It is wrong to question the entire industry


The issue of the controversy over the Bollywood Drugs Connection is also echoing in Parliament. In the Rajya Sabha, BJP MP Ravi Kishan had talked about drug nexus in Bollywood and said that there should be investigation and action in Bollywood. On this, MP Jaya Bachchan was strongly opposed. He had said that some people are spoiling the name of the entire film industry simply because of select people. He also said that some people make holes in the plate they eat. His statement received support from Bollywood.

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Now Maharashtra's ruling party Shiv Sena has also come out in his support. In an editorial printed on the party's mouthpiece Saamana on Wednesday, it is said that 'Jaya Bachchan's thoughts are as important as they are, that they also make holes in the plate they eat. Such people have been attacked by Jaya Bachchan. It has also been said in the encounter that it cannot be said that the film industry is pure, but some people are calling it a gutter, that is also not right and Jaya Bachchan has expressed this pain.

The newspaper wrote, 'At a time when the infamy and washing of the cinematography is beginning, often the well-to-do Pandavas are also sitting close to the tongue. As if they are living under the shadow of some unknown terrorism and someone is controlling them from behind the scenes for their behavior and speaking. Actors of all kinds, who have won bravery and valor on screen, are locked in their minds and thoughts. In such a situation, the power of Mrs. Bachchan is bitter.

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Saamana said that some actors and actresses are not the only Bollywood, but some of those people who are making uncontrolled statements, it is all disgusting. It is as if every artist or technician in the cinematography is stuck in the trap of 'drugs', spending 24 hours a day drinking ganja and chillum, there should be a 'doping' test of those making such statements, because many of them eat There are more teeth to show.

Let me tell you that after the drugs connection in Sushant Rajput case, actress Kangana Ranaut had accused of running a drugs cartel in Bollywood and said that the whole Bollywood takes drugs. After this, MP Ravi Kishan demanded action on Bollywood in Rajya Sabha, on which Jaya Bachchan opposed it. MP Hema Malini has also come out in support of Jaya Bachchan.

Video: Security of Amitabh Bachchan's house increased after Jaya Bachchan's statement on drugs dispute


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