Shivraj Singh Chauhan trolled by congress after twitter user claimed that his wife lifted her poem – Shivraj Singh described the poem of another by his wife! Surrounded on social media


Bhumika Birathare claims that Shivraj Singh has shared his poem on Twitter in the name of his wife.


Ghanshyam Das Masani, the father-in-law of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, died late at night on 18 November at the age of 88. Shivraj Singh shared a poem post on his Twitter handle on 22 November. In it, he said that his wife Sadhna Singh has memorized his father in a few lines. But now on Twitter, someone else has claimed that he wrote this poem for his father. After this, the Chief Minister has started trolling.

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Bhumika Bithare, who hails from Bhopal and describes herself as a writer, anchor by profession, claims that this poem is her creation. Speaking to NewsBust, he said, “I wrote what I felt, because I played all the rituals during my father’s last visit.” I use the notepad of the iPhone, so luckily the date and time of that poem are mentioned. Later I shared it with a WhatsApp group of my family and some close friends. I cried a lot that day because those words were not just a poem, my feeling was. ”

Bhumika Birathare said, “On 21, I posted the poem on Facebook, after coming back to Bhopal, my friend shared a screenshot that Sadhana Singh, wife of the honorable CM, shared the poem in a WhatsApp group, to which I replied Delivered with smiley. But after that I came to know that the Chief Minister had also tweeted and said that this poem has been written by his wife. I strongly object to this. You are my maternal uncle, my favorite Chief Minister, I do not want to politicize all this. All I want is that I get credit for my poem.


The chief minister also took her role on Twitter, tagging the Prime Minister and wrote, “I have written this poem, not your wife, please give me credit for it and not its title Daddy and Babuji, please do not play with my feelings.” .

On this tweet of the role, many opposition leaders started to surround the Chief Minister. Arun Yadav, former Union Minister and former President of Madhya Pradesh Congress, wrote in a tweet, “The BJP is adept at changing the name once again. First the names of the Congress schemes were changed, then the names of the cities started changing, and now Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ji has started telling the poems written by others as well as the poems written by his wife. Wow, Shivraj ji.

The BJP officially refused to react to the issue.


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