Shivanand Tiwary targets Narendra modi goverrnment on corona vaccination issue – Corona epidemic: RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari attacked Narendra Modi government on the pretext of dead bodies in the Ganges


Shivanand wrote, Central government policy of vaccination is disappointing.

Patna :

Senior leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJP) Shivanand Tivary has targeted the government on the issue of floating bodies in the Ganges river in this era of Corona epidemic. Shivanand wrote in the Facebook post, ‘Seeing the scene of dead bodies floating in the Ganges, we bow down in shame. After all, why instead of cremating the dead bodies of their dead relatives, they are flowing into the rivers! There can be only two reasons for this. Either the crematoriums are not getting a place or they are not capable of cremation. Both these reasons are sufficient to embarrass any government and society.
Our current government has been claiming to give the status of Vishwa Guru to the country. The situation today is that the world is afraid of us. People are afraid that the third round of the epidemic should not start from here.

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He wrote, ‘The government is making big claims that we are vaccinating faster than other countries of the world. But in terms of population ratio, till now only two and a half percent of the population has been vaccinated in our country whereas it has been proved that the only way to protect against this epidemic is to vaccinate the maximum population. But the government’s policy of vaccination is disappointing. Just two and a half months ago, the government got the budget passed from Parliament. In the budget, an amount of 35 thousand crore rupees was allocated under the head of vaccination with the assurance that there will be no shortage of funds under this head. It was clear from the allocated amount and the government’s assurance that the government will provide vaccination of the best citizens of the country at their own expense. Some experts believe that the amount allocated in this item in the budget, the same amount of free immunization of all the citizens of the country. By doing this, the government does not do any favor to the citizens, but only complies with its obligation. Till now, our previous governments have created this tradition in our country. But after taking over the responsibility of vaccinating the population above 48 years, the Modi government has shown its anti-people character by flushing out its obligation to vaccinate the rest of the population. ‘

According to Shivanand, if the population is classified, then the population of those above 48 years is about thirty crores in our country. Whereas the population of those between the age of eighteen and forty eight years is above six crore. In this way, the Modi government has shied away from its obligation to vaccinate a large population of the country. This character of the government has exposed its character.


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