Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut slams on opposition over Covid-19 situation in Maharashtra – did so many people recover from Corona after eating Bhabhiji's papad? Sanjay Raut's stance in Parliament


new Delhi:

Rajya Sabha MP of Shiv Sena (Sanjay Raut) on Thursday (17 September) gave a befitting reply to the members of the House who were trying to corner the Shiv Sena government on the growing Corona affairs in Maharashtra. During the discussion in the House on the statement of Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Corona virus infection, K Raut retorted, "I want to ask the members how did so many people recover? Did all the people recover after eating the papad of Bhabhiji ? " He said, "This is not a political fight but a fight to save people's lives."

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Raut said, "My mother and my brother are infected with COVID-19. Many people are recovering even in Maharashtra. Today the situation is under control in Dharavi. WHO has appreciated the efforts of BMC. I will tell these facts. I want to because some members here were criticizing the Maharashtra government. "

Sanjay Raut did not stop here. He also taunted the country's poor economic situation. He said, "The economic condition of the country is very serious, now the situation is such that our GDP and our RBI have also become bankrupt, in such a situation, the government has brought a big sale to sell in Air India, Railways, LIC and much more. It is now engaged. Now Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust has also been raised in this cell. "


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