Shiv Sena dares BJP to file cases against Arnab Goswami – Shiv Sena’s challenge to BJP, lodged complaint against makers of Tandav


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Shiv Sena has said that it is good that the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have filed a complaint against their makers regarding the content of the web series ‘Tandava’, but if they really dare, the Indian soldiers Those who insult the martyrdom of Journalist Arnab Goswami (Arnab Goswami). The Shiv Sena, a key constituent of Maharashtra’s coalition government, also alleged that the media, which stir up a 100-gram ganja from someone, is not ready to discuss at the national level the alleged treason of Goswami. Has made the above comment in the editorial of its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

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Significantly, in the media, Saamna wrote an editorial against the backdrop of the alleged conversation between WhatsApp, Republic TV editor-in-chief Goswami and former BARC CEO Parthon Dasgupta, on WhatsApp. It is said that Goswami was already informed about the airstrikes on terrorist camps in Balakot, Pakistan on 26 February 2019.

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It is worth noting that 40 soldiers were killed in an attack on CRPF convoy by Pakistani militant organization Jaish-e-Mohammed on 14 February 2019 in Pulwama district of Kashmir. It was in this backdrop that a terrorist attack in Balakot, Pakistan, was carried out on 26 February. Some BJP leaders accused the web series ‘Tandava’ of ridiculing Hindu deities and filed a case against its creator, directors etc. Shiv Sena says that it is a good thing that BJP leaders have filed a case against the producers and directors of ‘Tandava’ in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. But if they have the courage, they should show a case against Goswami, who mocked the martyrdom of the soldiers. The Marathi newspaper has written that if Goswami’s treason is discussed, the souls of the martyred soldiers in Pulwama will get peace.

The editorial has asked why the BJP, which raised its voice against the web series, is not doing ‘Tandava’ on Goswami’s alleged insult to Mother India? Shiv Sena said that its coalition partner in Maharashtra, Congress on Wednesday Seeking to investigate the case, he was asked to register a case under the Government Secrecy Act. Shiv Sena, a former ally of the BJP, said that the government should bring out its truth. It said, as if allegations are being made, then our The killing of soldiers was part of a political conspiracy within the country and the blood of 40 of our soldiers was shed only to win the Lok Sabha elections (2019)? The editorial alleges that those allegations were bolstered after Goswami’s talks surfaced is.

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