ship floating in the sky man was surprised to see when he near the ship shocked its optical illusion


The man was surprised to see a ship ‘floating’ in the sky, it was revealed when he passed

In the 2012 Marvel Cinematic Universe film ‘The Avengers’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America gave Nick Fury a $ 10 bill after being surprised by the fact that a ship turned into a flying ship and He was in it. Ships can certainly fly in the realm of imagination. This has been seen again and again in the last few decades. But if the ships take off in real life, then it is definitely surprising.

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Recently something similar happened to a 23-year-old man in Banff, Scotland. Colin McCallum was passing through the bank on February 26, when he saw a ship floating across the sky. The surreal examination, which can only be described as an optical illusion, has been shared online with some photographs by Colin.

In the photo, a red ship ‘floating’ is seen in the sky. The interesting thing is that half its bottom is completely invisible. Colin wrote, “When I first saw the boat, I had to do a double-take because I really thought it was floating. Going further, however, I noticed that it was indeed a remarkable optical illusion. “

After the photo went viral, people shared their views on the floating ship. One person commented, “I really can’t understand what’s going on here.” He explained: “This was due to the formation of a cloud close to the shore which changed the color of the water closer to the ground.”


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