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  • Shahid Afridi went to distribute ration to the poor in PoK and parts of Quetta, infected
  • Afridi said- I do not need a chair to help people, I have to answer to the above

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Jun 30, 2020, 11:20 AM IST

Game desk. Shahid Afridi targeted the Imran Khan government in gestures. According to Afridi, the Imran government lacks unity and is watching the entire country. Afridi was recently corona infected. Are now well He said- When I was helping the poor by going to the backward areas of the country, some ministers and MPs were going on holiday in that area.
Till last year, Afridi was often seen with Imran. But, now this chain has stopped. Shahid has been helping the poor through his foundation.

No need to be afraid of corona
Shahid was found positive on 13 June. In an interview on Monday, he spoke on several issues including Corona. On the question of getting infected, he said, "I knew I could be infected too." And this is what happened. I'm fine now. I did not quarantine. Three days later I came out of the room. Started training. Social distancing is very important in this disease. But, it should not be offered on the head. Also be careful not to be careless. I did not understand the issue of smart lockdown. "

How to deal with poverty and unemployment
In response to a question, the former all-rounder said, "Kovid-19 is a very small thing. It will go away. The biggest problem in our country is poverty and unemployment. We will deal with the epidemic. But, think about what will happen to poverty and unemployment. There was understanding in posh areas. However, most people, and especially those in poor settlements, were not aware of Kovid-19. I think people like us are having a very good life. "

Ministers were holidaying
Shahid also spoke on matters related to the government. Said, “The government is running the realization program. But, people did not get ration water. I went to the surrounding areas of Quetta to help people. Distribution of ration But, it is regrettable to say that we also have ministers and MPs who went on holidays there. He did not feel the pain of these poor people on the way. Hungry children were walking barefoot. "

No need a chair
Targeting Imran's government, Afridi said, "Our leaders gave the chair and strength to the top. Why do these people not help the poor? I do not have a chair. That's all, good intent is necessary. Now these people will have to answer to the above and here too. NGOs work in cities only to appear in the media. I do not want a chair. I do not want to get into politics at the moment. Imran Khan's team lacks unity. This whole country is watching. The Prime Minister has a very big chance. "

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