Sensex at the threshold of 50 thousand, a jump of about 5 thousand points in a month


Sensex has touched record highs in the past month

new Delhi:

Amid the fast pace of improvement in the economy Share Market (Stock Market) is touching record heights and is nearing a record of 50 thousand. In the last one month only Sensex (Sensex) has climbed nearly five thousand points. It showed a big improvement in the second quarter after shrinking GDP -23.9 percent in the first quarter of the financial year 2020-21. In the second quarter GDP rate -7.5 percent. Industry organization FICCI, Assocham has predicted that India is moving towards V shape recovery recovering from the shock of Corona.

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45 thousand reached on 4 December
The Sensex (Sensex) crossed 49 thousand mark on January 11 and reached 49,269. Whereas on January 4 it crossed the threshold of 48 thousand and closed at 48176. The Sensex (Sensex) closed at 47,353 on December 28, touching a height of 47 thousand. The BSE Sensex crossed the 46 thousand limit for the first time on December 09 and closed at 46,103. Sensex crosses 45 thousand for the first time on December 4 and closes at 45,079

On November 17, it had crossed 43 thousand
Talking about November, for the first time, Sensex crossed the 44 thousand mark on November 17 for the first time, although it had closed at 44,180 on November 18 after rolling on the same day. On November 10, the Sensex had crossed 43 thousand for the first time and touched a height of 43,277.


10 thousand boom in one and half year
On 23 May 2019, the stock market broke a record of 40 thousand for the first time amid signs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA getting a strong majority again. Nifty also reached beyond 12 thousand for the first time. Then it saw huge fluctuations in the Corona period. In the Corona period, where the price of gold crossed 50 thousand, the trend of investors in the stock market faded.

Such a jump.
11 January-49 thousand
04 Jan-48 thousand
28 December -47 thousand
09 December -46 thousand
04 Dec-45 thousand


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