Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge says new education policy will take us backward – statement of senior Congress leader on NEP


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new Delhi:

Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that the new National Education Policy (NEP) is a 'take-back' document for the future, while education should be based on the principles of the Constitution. Kharge raised this issue during the Zero Hour, saying that NEP is a backwards document, which looks back 2000 years in return for planning for the future and preparing children.

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He said, "The values ​​of moral education and higher education in schools should be based on the principles of the constitution and not on ancient cultural values." Kharge said that according to the provision of the constitution, any religious instruction in the state and state-aided institutions should not be. He mentioned Article 28 (1) of the Constitution in this order and said that no religious instructions will be given in any educational institutions run by the State Fund.

He said that no proper policy has been prescribed for the training of Anganwadi teachers, which will harm the poor children of towns and villages. He said that after class 10, about 50 percent of the students drop out. No plans have been made to reduce it.

It is estimated that 32.4 percent of these students are Dalits, 25.7 percent minorities and 16.4 percent tribal. Kharge said that teachers are already burdened with many responsibilities like elections, census and vaccination etc. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate on teaching. He said that mathematics, science and English should be focused on providing opportunities for development in rural and backward areas.

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