Senior citizen has to face trouble for 11 years at airport due to lookout notice against homonym – Senior citizen has to face trouble at airport for 11 years due to lookout notice against his name


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new Delhi:

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought a response from the Bureau of Immigration and Central Passport Organization on a petition filed by a senior citizen claiming that whenever he (petitioner) travels abroad for 11 years, he 'looks out' against one of his namesake. Due to notices, they are harassed and questioned at the airport.

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According to the petitioner, every time after questioning, the officers are satisfied that it is not the person against whom the look out notice has been issued and the whole process is repeated again the next time the petitioner goes abroad.

Issuing notice to the Bureau of Immigration and Central Passport Organization, Justice Naveen Chawla also asked him about the solution of the problem and postponed the next hearing of the case till 20 October. The court was hearing the petition of Ashok Aggarwal, whose counsel was being kept by advocate Pranjal Kishore.

Aggarwal has said in the petition that if there is any adverse comment on his passport, it should be removed so that every time he goes abroad, he should not be stopped and questioned.

The petition said that Agarwal was never prosecuted in the country, but since 2009, whenever he goes abroad, he is questioned at the airport. The petition said, "Immigration officials are satisfied after every such inquiry that they have caught the wrong person and it is not the person against whom the look out notice is issued."

The petition also claimed that through the emails written on 31 August 2017 and 14 March 2018, the Foreigners Regional Registration Offices of Mumbai and New Delhi had assured Agarwal that reform measures have been taken so that while going abroad They should not be bullied.
The petition states, "But, despite assurances, the petitioner continues to be questioned and harassed."

Apart from correcting the adverse remarks on the passport, Agarwal has also pleaded that if any look-out notice is issued against him, it should be canceled and compensation for the unnecessary problems he had to face for so many years.


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