Selena Gomez Talks Finding Her Voice After Being ‘Controlled’ By Disney

Selena Gomez has finally found herself!

On Friday, the songstress paid a visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about her latest album

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When asked by Kelly Clarkson why she sees Rare as her most honest album, the 27-year-old responded:

“Because I started so young, there’s a huge part of me that didn’t get a chance to develop my identity in a normal setting. So when I was working with Disney, it was the best time of my life, I had a great time and I have nothing but good things to say, but it was a bit more controlled. There were certain things that I was kind of had to do, and not maybe go into maybe figuring out what my sound would be.”

She continued:

“So I’ve constantly been trying to make my music better and better because I know that people may not think I’m the greatest singer. But, I just work my ass off. I really love writing and creating and creating melodies and growing. I felt like this [Rare] was my chance to say all the things I wanted to say in that way, which was talking about relationships and talking about difficult times or being vulnerable or being stuck in your head because I can do that a lot. But I wanted it to feel good, you know? I wanted it to feel like every word mattered and you could feel it physically, and I’m still in the studio now because I feel like it has inspired me and I just want to keep going.”

Kelly swooped in with a dose of big sister advice:

“You said, ‘A lot of people might not think I’m the best singer.’ The best singer in the world is not the loudest — talking to everyone in the world right now — and it’s not the ‘OMG, you have to sing like Whitney Houston.’ The best singers in the world move you — and that comes from all different sounds and styles.”

The Since U Been Gone singer added:

“From a singer to a singer, it’s beautiful what you do. And I love your record, and I love big huge songs, and you singing your music. It means something and it moves people. So, don’t ever negate your gift — because it’s powerful.”

Aww, too sweet!

Ch-ch-check out more from Selena and Kelly (below):

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