Selective action in PDS scam by Shivraj Singh Chauhan Government – Shivraj Sarkar in action after NewsBust news, claimed to have raided the house of Congress leader


After the news of NewsBust, the Prime Minister's Office sought a report from the state government


Under the public distribution system in Madhya Pradesh, the rice which is being distributed in districts like tribal dominated Balaghat, Mandla is worth eating for sheep. After this news from NewsBust, the Prime Minister's Office sought a report from the state government, after which the action started in the government – a Congress leader and businessman in Mhow was raided and claimed that a ration of Rs 50 crore was a scam, but there Where 2253 quintal rice "disappeared" from a warehouse, an FIR has not been written despite a government recommendation even after a year. Anuppur is the constituency of Food and Civil Supplies Minister Bisahulal Singh.

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The warehouse of Harshit Traders, owned by Mohit Agarwal, whose father Mohanlal Aggarwal is the executive chairman of the Mhow District Congress and a registered transporter of the Civil Supplies Corporation in the state, was raided in Mhow. Investigation revealed that Mohan Agarwal, as a transporter, used to transport food grains to ration shops, while every time he took back 8-10 quintals and then made a fake bill on the firm of his son Mohit Aggarwal and used it. In this, his relatives, who are also local traders, also used to help him.

According to Indore district collector Manish Singh, the findings of the preliminary investigation suggest that the stolen PDS food grains and kerosene may be worth around Rs 50 crore. But Mohanlal Aggarwal is a registered transporter under TPDS for 15-20 years, so the actual quantity may actually be very high. Singh said, "The involvement of an employee of the State Civil Supplies Corporation has also come up during the investigation, against which the police have registered a case with others." In the case, FIRs have been registered against a total of 5 people, including Congress leader and former councilor Mohan Lal Agarwal and his son Mohit Agarwal, including Tarun Agarwal.

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However, such an appearance was not shown in Anuppur. In the government of Madhya Pradesh Food and Civil Supplies Minister Bisahulal Singh's district Anuppur district, 3243 quintal rice was found missing in stock, a year ago, Civil Supplies Corporation Managing Director Abhijit Aggarwal wrote a letter to Regional Manager Ravi Singh to file an FIR against the culprits. And instructed to recover the amount of rice. But even after almost a year, the FIR was not registered. According to sources, people associated with distribution of government ration in the district are close to the minister, Anuppur is one of the 27 seats where the by-elections are to be held. NewsBust had reported how 32 samples were collected from 30 July to 2 August this year in Balaghat and Mandla — from 31 depots, and from a ration shop — after testing at the CGAL lab to find that all samples were not just standards Were poor, but rather they are in the feed-1 category which is suitable for livestock like goats, horses, sheep and chickens. After the news of NewsBust, on September 3, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan handed over the investigation of the entire case to the Economic Offenses Wing.


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