Sehwag gave advice to Rohit Sharma for WTC final play new ball patiently | Play the new ball carefully in the WTC final, batting will become easier once it is set on the crease

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The final match of the World Test Championship (WTC) between India and New Zealand is to be played from June 18 to 22. England’s conditions, Duke ball and New Zealand’s pace bowling are considered to be very challenging for the Indian team. In such a situation, former opener Virender Sehwag, who has won success in the country and abroad, has given special tips to Team India’s current opener Rohit Sharma.

Tips to play cautiously in the beginning
Sehwag has also advised Team India captain Virat Kohli to bat patiently at the beginning of the innings. Sehwag said that instead of batting aggressively on the pitches of England, one should start slow. For this, Sehwag gave the example of his 106 runs in 183 balls on the tour of England in the year 2002. Although Sehwag himself generally did not exercise so much restraint, but in that match he batted according to the conditions. That match was a draw.

England’s experience will come in handy for Rohit
Sehwag said that Rohit Sharma has played a lot of cricket in England and his experience will come in handy in the final of the Test Championship. Sehwag said that it is important to bat carefully in the first 10 overs on England pitches. Once you are set at the crease, you can play your shots.

Kohli also advised to be patient
Sehwag has also advised Team India captain Virat Kohli. Viru said – The Indian captain will need to show some patience on the pitch. He will have to spend more and more time at the crease.

Virat use Bumrah wisely
Sehwag also advised Kohli to use pacer Jasprit Bumrah wisely. He said that if India can get a few wickets in the beginning, then its hold on the match will be strengthened.

Weather will be a big factor
Sehwag said that the mood of the weather in England will affect the match to a great extent. He said that if the weather is good, the ball will swing less, while if the weather is bad, the ball will swing more. It will be difficult to bat if it is cloudy during the match. If the weather is clear and the sun comes out, it will be easier for the batsmen to play on the pitch.

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