Scientists find the oldest nanostructure in an artwork found in Tamil Nadu – Scientists find oldest nanostructure in an artwork found in Tamil Nadu


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Scientists have discovered the oldest known man-made nano object in the world in a ‘special black layer’ on an earthen vessel found from an archaeological site in Kiladi, Tamil Nadu. This pottery dates back to around 600 BC. This study of researchers has recently been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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It has been revealed that the layer mounted on the pottery is made of carbon nano tube (CNT), due to which it is safe even after 2600 years. Along with this, questions have arisen about the equipment, which was used to produce high tempering during the making of these utensils at that time.

The team of researchers, including scientists from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), said that the layer found on the pottery is the oldest nanotechnology found so far.

Vijayanand Chandrasekaran, co-author of the research paper and working in VIT, said, “Before this discovery, according to our knowledge, the oldest nanostructures were of the eighth or ninth century.” He said that carbon nano tubes are structures of carbon atoms which Occur in a systematic order. Chandrasekaran said that the layer above the old artwork would normally break and not last for so long due to the change in the atmosphere.

“But due to the strong structure, the layer of carbon nano tube remained for more than 2,600 years,” he said. MM Shazumon, a nanotechnology scientist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram, who is attached to this research, said that carbon nano tubes have many special properties including high heat and electrical conductivity, strength.


“But at that time people did not intentionally climb the layer of carbon nano tube but it happened by chance due to high temperature during the process of manufacture,” he told PTI. “He said,” If high If you get information about the process of constructing an earthen pot at temperature, it will be discovered and cemented. ”

Chandrasekaran said that a possible scientific analysis of this could be that plant juices or other substances would have been used to layer these pots, which turned into carbon nano tubes because of high temperatures.

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