Scientists develop EARMUFFS that can measure blood alcohol levels through the skin – but it takes more than two HOURS | Scientists create an ear device that detects alcohol in the body; sensor alerts

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  • Scientists Develop EARMUFFS That Can Measure Blood Alcohol Levels Through The Skin But It Takes More Than Two HOURS

29 minutes ago

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  • Scientists from Japan’s Tokyo Medical and Dental University developed earmuffs

Soon there will be no need for a breathanalyzer to test whether a person has consumed alcohol or not. Japanese scientists have designed a special type of device for its investigation. It was named the earmuff which looks like a Walkman. By putting it on the ear, it can be found out that the amount of alcohol in a person is there.

device works like this

  • According to scientists at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan, which developed the earmuffs, the level of alcohol is usually detected by blowing air into the breathanalyzer through the mouth, but it can be detected from many parts of the body.
  • According to scientists, apart from breathing, ethanol (alcohol) also comes out in the form of gas from the skin, ears and sweat of the body. With the help of this, alcohol can be detected in the body.
  • The skin near the ear releases more ethanol than the skin and sweat of the hands and feet, so Japanese scientists used a new device on the ear and the results were surprising.
  • Scientists say that when drinking alcohol, ethanol is released from the skin in the form of gas, when the device is applied to the ear, the device detects the alcohol present in the blood by examining the gas.
  • The device emits light of different intensity when the amount of ethanol in the body varies. Scientists claim that the device detects cancer-causing chemicals like acetone and acidaldehyde in addition to ethanol.

Why the new device is better than the BreathAnalyzer
Scientists say, the breathanalyzer is applied in the mouth. Many people object to this. Apart from this, many times after drinking alcohol, people try to fool the police by using mouthwash or breath spray. Whereas the new device is placed on the ear, so it can give accurate results.

Researcher Kohji Mitsubyashi says, “We wanted to use the device on a body part where ethanol can be detected immediately.

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